Our Story

We’re back in the early 1970s in Tecpan, Guatemala. My wife and I bought a piece of land in the area with the intention of building a country house to which we could escape to and eventually retire in.

Well, as you can imagine, that’s not exactly how it turned out to be…
Soon after we bought the land, we became highly involved with the community and we wanted to contribute to its development and growth, so we decided to start farming the land.

Indirectly, this was the start of Epicure as it is today.

The idea? To create a space and the necessary conditions to generate job opportunities for the members of Tecpan’s community.

The farm fulfilled both of these missions; it provided employment to 48 members of the community. But, in order for the project to be self-sustainable, it was necessary to establish operations that would bring profit to the farm’s production.

This is where Antigua comes in. With its accommodation and dining market, Antigua was the ideal place to sell the farm’s products. Epicure’s presence in Antigua started as a processing plant for cold meat products; it then became a gourmet shop that sold the farm’s products, and eventually, after a relocation, it became what Epicure is today: a restaurant, a gourmet shop, and a processing plant all in one place.

Though 33 miles southeast of Tecpan, Epicure continues to provide employment opportunities to members of Tecpan’s community, while also contributing to Tecpan’s overall growth and development by providing all of Epicure’s profits to Fundacion Educa Pueblo Viejo.


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